March 2018
By Robert Young



It was a seminal year for Beckham: he got married, Manchested United won the treble and his first son, Brooklyn was born (Hence "99" in the House 99). During this time he sported a hairstyle synonymous with the era full flow hairstyle, finger combed back to reveal the face - also made popular by the likes of Leonardo Dicaprio, Brad Pitt & Matt Damon.




Beckham quite literally went back to his roots in March when he stepped onto the pitch for the Carling Cup match against Leicester City, donning a new harder look. Gone were the long blonde hair, instead Beckham’s hair was cropped in a super short style worthy of a punk rock god.




Being made the England Captain in February called for Beckham to take bold yet stylish appearance. He opted for detailing to his facial and head hair - a nick in his eyebrow, asymmetric streamlines slicing through his buzzcut, and a goatee trimmed to military precision.




In May, Beckham revived his mohawk hairstyle from two years’ earlier, only this time it was longer and blonde. Although the mohawk started with the Pawnee - a great Native American warrior tribe - Beckham was reportedly inspired by Travis Bickle, Robert De Niro’s character in Taxi Driver.




When Beckham went to collect his OBE from Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace in November, he wore his long blonde hair in a man bun. Always ahead of the curve, it was over a decade before this hairstyle hit the mainstream.




With overgrown stubble and hair down to his shoulders, Beckham is an apparition of the Son of David. Winning the Spanish Super Cup for his new team Real Madrid, which he joined in 2003, only further elevates him to almighty-like status - in the sports world and beyond.




Beckham has never shied away from experimenting when it comes to styling and grooming. While Captaining England in the World Cup qualifier in October, Beckham’s haircut couldn’t become a distraction to him, so he wore a black headband to keep it out his eyes - a strategic move that would set a trend.




When Beckham’s contract with Real Madrid ended it wasn’t long before he was snapped up by Major League Soccer club the Los Angeles Galaxy. Before departing for sunnier climes, he had his hair cut into a slick, brushed-forward style, just in time to pick up his award for outstanding achievement in British sport at the 2007 Sports Industry Awards in London.




This was the year Beckham became England's most-capped outfield player, surpassing Bobby Moore's record of 108. A feat of champions calls for a haircut of champions, and Beckham opted for a severe crew cut that in turn created something of a pompadour-mohawk hybrid.




As he became a dad for the fourth time - to his first daughter Harper - Beckham grew out his hair into a classical slick-back style, which formed the basis of his hairstyles for the next few years. With House 99’s Going Strong Styling Gel, you too can emulate a refined 1920s dandy.




This Beckham takes his Martini shaken and not stirred. By shaving the sides of his head into an undercut and keeping the length on top - sweeping his locks up and back over his forehead - Beckham reinvented the pompadour (a hairstyle that dates back to the 18th Century) for the modern gentleman.




Although his pompadour hairstyle remained largely the same, Beckham’s look transformed when he grew out his facial hair into a natural but well-groomed beard. If you look closely, the whiskers circumvent the cheekbones, graduating in length before stopping abruptly an inch or so below the chin in a blunt cut, which frames his face. Maintaining such a healthy and well groomed beard takes time and effort, to make life easier House 99 developed Softer Touch Beard Oil.




Something about this Beckham looks familiar. It’s those long locks parted down the middle which hark back to his full flow look in the late 1990s. We all know that when it comes to style what goes around comes around, but Beckham always makes sure there are differences in the details. Rather than a longer back and shorter sides, all the Beckham’s hair is nape length, and instead of a clean shave he has kept a dappling of stubble for a more rustic look.