September 2018
By Harvey Gates

Now hear this: The Age of Immaculate is over, lads. Strong back-to-school style is all about looking carefully disheveled, tantalizingly tousled and ravishingly unraveled, just like gorgeous Sergio Carvajal over here, so that when you hit those books, it looks like a breeze. After all, studies show that intelligent people tend to be messier and that just the right amount of mess can help achieve greater creativity, defy convention and even be more productive. Not bad for a look designed to resemble rolling out of bed, ay? Read on for how to get it right.

Step 1: Get the cut right

With a burr, the hair is cut short with scissors rather than a buzzer. It’s a floppier, softer look, that’s easier on the eyes than the harsher cuts below.


Get The Cut Right

Step 2: How to get started on styling

Beckham quite literally went back to his roots in March when he stepped onto the pitch for the Carling Cup match against Leicester City, donning a new harder look. Gone were the long blonde hair, instead Beckham’s hair was cropped in a super short style worthy of a punk rock god.



Step 3: Reinforce your grooming artillery

Take a dollop of the Change It Up Texturizing Clay and warm it up by rubbing it through your hands to start the emulsification process and help an even application over your hair. Now, for this particular look, we worked the hair from the back of the head forward to create a sort of ‘reverse wind-swept’ feel. Give it all a good tousle and get going. Do be prepared to be asked if you were up all night. How you answer that is up to you, my friend. But remember, a gentleman would never tousle and tell.


Grooming Artillery