March 2018
By Robert Young



If you want to know about a man’s life, look at his face. Late nights, burning the candle at both ends, endless long days in overly air-conditioned offices ­– it’s all there, writ large on your skin. 

Fatigue is almost approaching epidemic proportions in men. How could it not when three quarters of us get by on less than 8 hours sleep and more than ten percent work 50 hours or more at the office? What this tends to mean for most of us is simple: we look as tired as we feel.

Fear not though, salvation is at hand by way of a decent men’s skincare regime. As with everything in life, the first step to remedying a problem is recognizing it. 

We spoke to skincare expert Virginie Delekta to find out how to spot the tell-tale signs of skin stress. Virginie highlights the three things which should set the alarm bells ringing:

  1. The major sign of skin fatigue is a change in skin tone. If your face is looking a little greyer or your complexion a little less bright, you know it’s in need of a little love and attention.

  2. Pillow marks are a further sign that all is not well. If an hour after your alarm has gone off you still have tell-tale marks from sleep, it’s time to take action.

  3. The final sign is the most troublesome: dry and rough-feeling skin. If it feels sore and looks red, you need to get on top of it.  

  Once you’ve identified a problem – it’s time to take action. In an ideal world that would mean getting a good night’s sleep as your skin needs a least 7 hours to regenerate. Ensuring you are sufficiently well hydrated will also help. But ideal worlds are hard to come by. In today’s busy world, sleeping in and drinking gallons of water can be difficult, if not impossible. 

A good skincare routine can however offer you a lifeline in this regard, helping not just hide the signs of one night of overdoing it, but also helping your skin in the long term. It’s about keeping skin in good condition so it serves us well as we age.

Instead, Virginie offers four easy-to-follow steps to fix tired and stressed skin at home and escape the curse of your colleagues asking, “errr, are you feeling ok?”


Cleansing your skin will go a long way to creating a brighter complexion. The Purefectly Clean Face Wash contains activated charcoal which sloughs off any grime. It’s also loaded with peppermint oil which will immediately make you feel more lively.


If you want skin that doesn’t sag or crease then you need to drink. A lot. And sorry, coffee doesn’t count (it’s actually counter productive). Aim for around 2 litres of pure water a day.

Once you have hydrated from the inside out, you can do the same from the outside in with a daily Moisturizer for men. Try the Greater Look Face Moisturizer which boasts quinoa and spirulina extracts - your skin will be at optimum brightness in no time.


Eyes are not just windows on to the soul, as Shakespeare said. They are also fairly indicative of how much shut-eye you got last night. Signs of fatigue manifest themselves heavily around the eye contours, which leads to telltale dark. Skin here is thinner than the rest of the face and so requires specific care. 

Energize, smooth and reduce dark rings with the Truly Brighter Eye Balm. Trust us, you’ll thank us for it later.


As much as it is important to use a moisturizer throughout day, it is equally important to pay attention to skin moisture at night. While you’re between the sheets, your skin is working hard to regenerate. Most hydration is lost overnight, so be sure not to skip on the Moisturizer before bed.


Now, hear us out on this one. If you really want to belie all those late nights, consider getting a facial for men. And remember, a face massage not only helps products penetrate below the outer layer of your skin, it also improves blood flow, giving an instant reviving effect. Go on, give it a try.