March 2018
By Robert Young



Having a beard is not just about growing a beard. The key to good facial hair is good maintenance. But how do you do that, exactly? No one goes around teaching us how to look after our beards. But that’s why we’re here.

The answer is to use the right tools. “Always wash and condition your beard every three days to keep the hair clean and healthy,” says Dom Williams of AONO barbershop. “Beard oils and balms are also great as they help to moisturize the skin and soften unruly strands of hair.” But what can elevate your beard from Uncle Stan to David Beckham? We’ve scouted around for the best tips to maintaining a quality beard.


It might sound like obvious advice, but it’s important. The beloved beards of Jon Hamm and model Ricki Hall did not grow overnight. Instead, they battled through the itchy periods and the clumpy uneven periods, exerting an almost Herculean willpower on their faces.

It takes time, effort and restraint to grow out your beard. Your best bet is to leave it alone for the first month or so because some hairs grow faster than others, this allows enough time for a good length to grow all over.


Make sure you wash and exfoliate your beard properly. This will help prevent any dreaded ingrown hairs, as well as stave off irritation and redness. Try the Get Groomed Purifying Beard Scrub which helps to banish pollution, untangle knots and condition the hair for that ready-to-kiss feeling.

Once the slate is clean, a dash of beard oil will keep your prickles pliable - try a few drops of our nourishing Softer Touch Beard Oil. Follow with some of the Seriously Groomed Beard & Hair Balm to smooth and tame your beard.

One word of advice; when drying your beard, try not to rub too vigorously as this can lead to knots and tangles which are never ideal.


Read our full guide to beard styles for your face shape here. In short, what you need to know is that your beard has to complement your face shape. Those blessed with an oval face shape can grow pretty much any type of beard; rectangular faces should go for short sides with more length at the bottom; and round faces need to aim for as slimming a silhouette as possible – short sides are a must. Your best bet is to head to a barber and ask them for their recommendation.


A Jumanji style beard has only one appropriate context; Jumanji. You wouldn’t let your hair grow completely out of control, so why your beard? Buy a high-quality trimmer or better yet visit your barber regularly to even everything out. If your hair is the crown you wear every day, consider your beard its princely brother.


Some beards can get particularly stubborn, with hairs shooting off in every direction as they grow. Combing your beard will train those unruly hairs to grow in the same direction.

If you follow these rules you’ll be the envy of all your bearded brothers.