February 2019



Harsh winter winds can leave your skin dull and dry. Listen up, lads, it’s important to keep a proper skincare routine each morning before facing the elements. See our 5-Step Winter Skin Routine below using some House 99 favorites, created by David Beckham himself.

1. Exfoliation

Our Get Groomed Beard Purifying Scrub works great on beards or after a fresh shave. Finely ground volcanic stone uses mechanical exfoliation to relieve your face from flakes and dry skin, while purifying charcoal dives deep into pores to remove excess dirt, oil, and pollution. Energizing ginseng leaves skin feeling awakened and ready to take on the day. Best used 2-3 times per week.

Pro-tip: Works great as a body scrub – to keep you buffed from head-to-toe.

2. Hydration

The Greater Look Face Moisturiser, our top-selling skincare formula, uses vitamin E, glycerin, and protein-rich spirulina and quinoa to smooth skin and lock in hydration – strengthening your moisture barrier and leaving your face soft to the touch. Better yet, it’s infused with salicylic acid to fight against razor bumps, making it the perfect-post shave hydrator.

Now, the last thing you want in a winter moisturiser is a greasy end-feel. You won’t find that to be an issue with Greater Look, as it was formulated to rub easily into skin with a matte, non-shiny finish.

Infused with our signature House Fragrance to leave your skin with a masculine scent that isn’t overbearing.

Insider Secret: This is David’s favorite formula in the House 99 skincare range.

3. Complexion

Treat yourself to a natural, healthy glow all winter long with our All Bright Natural Effect Bronzing Moisturising Gel .

A very light pigment color adds a hint of warmth to your daily hydrator. This unique, transparent gel texture blends in easily, and is streak-free / shimmer-free for no obvious giveaways – even on beards.

Pro-tip: Blend with the Greater Look Moisturiser to nail your optimal complexion.

4. Eye Care

The eyes are very telling of a man’s character. Keep those eye bags and dark circles away, mate!

Our fast-absorbing Truly Brighter Eye Balm is packed with natural ingredients such as caffeine and mica to energize, and protein-rich spirulina and quinoa to smooth and reduce the appearance of crow’s feet/fine lines.

Keep yourself looking bright and alert!

Insider Secret: David is constantly on the go, so he specifically requested created this eye balm to keep busy men like him looking energized on long journeys. Keep that jet lag out of sight!

5. Repeat

Consistency is key! You’ll get the best results from keeping up this morning routine. Shop below to get yourself winter-ready!